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By Dr. Sam Robbins [Mon 10/14/19]

Welcome to the official AlphaViril™ website. Most likely you're reading this because you're interested in increasing your testosterone naturally, boosting your libido, building more muscle and losing fat,... without the use of harmful drugs, or having to follow a super restrictive diet or exhausting exercise program.*

You want a natural, effective and verified solution, that's easy and safe to use*... And produces results in a timely manner (you don't want to wait weeks or months to feel relief)ˆˆ. The great news is that AlphaViril's 20+ year proven formula can help you achieve maximum testosterone, while minimizing negative, "anti-testosterone" hormones.*ˆˆ

AlphaViril bottle

HOW AlphaViril™ Works

AlphaViril's all-natural, organic formula delivers key nutrients that your body needs as its aging, to help heal itself from within, resulting in optimal, youthful hormonal balance.*ˆˆ There are NO reported side-effects or negative drug interactions.

all-in-one testosterone increasing formula

AlphaViril™ is adoctor formulated (endocrinology/hormone doctor), "all-in-one" natural remedy, which helps promote optimal testosterone levels.*ˆˆ AlphaViril™ is a small pill that works like "5 products in 1", because it quickly and naturally helps support:*ˆˆ

Summary & Benefits

Higher levels of "positive" hormones (total & free testosterone, LH/FSH):
BENEFIT: more muscle, less belly fat, higher libido & improved sense of well-being.
Lower levels of "negative" hormones (DHT, female and stress hormones):
BENEFIT: less body fat, "man boobs" and balding, with improved mood.
Improved blood flow & circulation (PDE-5 inhibitor, nitric oxide promoter):
BENEFIT: bigger, fuller, harder and prolonged erections.
Increased neurotransmitters (dopamine):
BENEFIT: increase emotional drive, energy and happiness.
Optimal "youth hormone balance" & reduced adaptation:
BENEFIT: more effective and powerful, long-term results.
benefits of testosterone

WHY AlphaViril™ Is So Effective & Proven*ˆˆ

At a quick glance, AlphaViril's 20+ year popularity and effectiveness -- stems from the fact that it's:

herbs increase testosterone

Low Testosterone Is NOT Your Fault...

The reason I formulated AlphaViril™ in 1999 for myself and professional athletic clients, is because I was starting to lose muscle and strength, my body fat was increasing, I was tired and the worst part of all - I was losing my "drive" - at work, in the bedroom and in life!

A healthy diet & regular exercise program helped, but it wasn't enough. This is because lower testosterone and the negative changes in your hormones is due to AGING ... And it starts as early as your mid 20's for us guys.

Male Testosterone Decline With Age

AlphaViril™ Is Scientifically Proven*ˆˆ

AlphaViril's 20+ year powerful formula contains only natural, organic, NON-GMO ingredients, supported by real, human clinical studies proving both effectiveness and safety.

The optimal dosage and correct herbal extracts are used, to maximize the positive benefits and results. Because of this, testosterone and hormonal improvements can be seen and verified in in only 30 days. *ˆˆ

AlphaViril™ Is Guaranteed

Because I'm so confident with AlphaViril's 20+ year proven track record for success, we offer a one-year, 200% satisfaction guarantee. In fact, it's so effective and works so quickly... that if AlphaViril™ doesn't help improve your testosterone and hormone levels , you'll get a full refund + $100.00 cash back!

AlphaViril™ Results & Reviews*ˆˆ

In addition to our scientific studies and one-year guarantee, we offer further proof of AlphaViril's proven formula for promoting maximum testosterone levels and optimal hormonal balance, with over 481+ customer reviews, including before/after blood tests (which no other company offers)!

AlphaViril™ Ingredients*ˆˆ

The primary reason for AlphaViril's success, effectiveness and safety has to do with the clinically researched and scientifically tested natural ingredients consisting of herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

AlphaViril's 20+ year proven formula consists of 7 specific, hormonal optimizing pathways, which are designed to improve your "positive", anti-aging hormones, while minimizing, "negative" aging hormones. The goal is to have optimal, youthful levels.

Hormone Optimizing Ingredients

Testosterone Optimizer™: Testofen®, Avena Sativa, Tongkat Ali, Maca
BENEFIT: improves BOTH total & free testosterone levels.
Testofen® - derived from fenugreek seeds, it’s scientifically proven to double levels of free testosterone circulating in the body which is responsible for muscle growth, increasing libido, and decreasing body fat.

Avena Sativa Extract - increases the amount of testosterone that is available to trigger physiological changes (as opposed to being bound to other compounds or proteins).

Tongkat Ali Extract - known as a male aphrodisiac, it’s been shown to increase sexual arousal, motivation, and frequency of sexual activity.

Maca - a potent source of aphrodisiac compounds and hormone balancing properties which has been used to treat male impotence, erectile dysfunction, and improve fertility.
LH, FSH, SHBG Optimizer™: Pro-Tribulus™ Terrestris, Stinging Nettle, Ginger
BENEFIT: keeps testosterone elevated, long-term.
Bulgarian Pro-Tribulus™ Terrestris - one of the most powerful Luteinizing hormones available which boosts testosterone release when used in the right ratios.

Stinging Nettle - prevents the removal of testosterone from the circulation so natural levels are extended for longer (along with additional prostate health benefits).

Ginger Extract - also increases levels of Luteinizing hormones to increase the amount of testosterone released in the body.
Female Hormone Optimizer™: DIM, White Button Mushroom, Vitex Agnus
BENEFIT: reduces negative female hormones, which lower testosterone.
DIM - a phytochemical that’s naturally found in cruciferous vegetables and helps to prevent testosterone being converted into estrogen.

White Button Mushroom - shown to decrease estrogen levels by up to 50%.

Vitex Agnus Castus - increases testosterone and reduces the ‘refractory period’, making it easier to have more erections and even better orgasms.
DHT Optimizer™: Zinmax® Zinc Picolinate, Copper, Selenium
BENEFIT: improves head hair & prostate health.
Zinc - an essential mineral for health, immune function, and sex drive, it also reduces levels of DHT in the body (yet 87% of people are deficient).

Copper - it's needed to balance Zinc

Selenium - another essential mineral required for prostate health.
Stress Optimizer™: Sensoril® Ashwagandha, Horny Goat Weed
BENEFIT: reduces negative stress hormones.
Sensoril® Ashwagandha - one of the most effective herbs for balancing hormones and reducing the detrimental effects of stress (shown to decrease cortisol levels by up to 26%).

Horny Goat Weed - used as a medicinal herb for over 1500 years with libido boosting and impotence reversing benefits.
PDE-5 & Nitric Oxide Optimizer™: Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, L-Arginine
BENEFIT: increases blood flow directly to the penis.
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa - a rare (and expensive) herbal PDF-5 inhibitor which increases blood flow to the penis following sexual stimulation, aiding erections and helps impotence. It works similar to Via.gra &

AAKG (L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate) - an amino acid that dilates blood vessels in the penis and clitoris to facilitate erections in males and genital responsiveness in females.
Dopamine Optimizer™: Macuna Pruriens (L-Dopa)
BENEFIT: improves mental desire, drive and happiness.
Macuna Pruriens (L-Dopa) - a herbal extract containing a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine (the "pleasure" chemical), as well as hormone balancing properties that reduce negative female hormones while increasing testosterone levels. It helps increase your "drive" - both mentally and sexually.


Taken in isolation, each of these ingredients delivers testosterone boosting and hormone re-balancing benefits. However, when combined in the right ratios and dosages, the positive results are multiplied exponentially. The combination has synergistic effects, which means they work together to produce even better results. Plus with the added benefit of convenience and better value.

AlphaViril™ is the only, doctor formulated supplement to combine this unique and comprehensive blend of nutrients, in the ideal quantities, to deliver outstanding hormonal results. It's backed by clinical studies and a 20+ proven track record.


Here's The "Bad" News...

If you're reading this, you probably already know that this "situation" isn't going to "magically" fix itself.

In fact, the older you become, the LOWER your testosterone and the WORSE things will get .... For your health, at work, your relationships and in the bedroom!

If you don't take action right now and finally FIX this "low-T" problem and optimize your hormones, you're going to have even LESS confidence and MORE health problems, right?...

#1 Cause Of Cheating

Did you know that the #1 cause of cheating and infidelity (marriage or regular relationship) is lack of sex! Without regular and consistent intimacy, people feel neglected, unloved and "not enough".

If you're unable to "perform" and satisfy your partner, statistics show that they will look somewhere else for that sexual connection. This is sad, it's not fair... but it's the unfortunate reality.

Is This YOUR Future?...

Low Libido &
Erectile Problems
Depression &
Low Motivation
Fatigue &
Weight Gain

And The GOOD News...

It doesn't matter if you're 30, 60 or even 90 years old (my dad is 88 years old!) ... It's never too late to improve this situation by maximizing your testosterone & optimizing your hormones, so you can look young, feel "driven" and be confident!

THIS MEANS: More muscle, lower belly fat, more energy, better memory, higher libido and dramatically improved health, fitness and longevity!

Summary & Bottom Line


I hope by now you've realized that improving your testosterone and optimizing your hormones is a MUST - both physically and emotionally.

Getting older is going to make this situation worse, and I'm sure you already know this.

Save Time & Money With AlphaViril™

AlphaViril bottle

The bottom line is that you do NOT need to take a bunch of different man-made substances or supplements to improve your hormones, when a natural, "all-in-one" solution with a 20+ year proven track record already exists, right?...

AlphaViril™ can give you the same peace of mind it's given MYSELF, my professional athletes, private clients, even my own father and brothers ... In addition to thousands of users, just like you since 1999:

maximum testosterone levels, with optimal hormonal balance
Safely Promoting health, fitness and longevity*

Doubts or Questions?...

And don't forget, AlphaViril™ comes with a ONE-YEAR, 200% satisfaction guarantee... Proven to improve your hormones or you'll get a full refund + $100.00 cash back!

However, if you're still not sure or you have doubts, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our 24/7 customer care team.

Otherwise, I suggest you give AlphaViril™ a risk-free try today, so you can see and feel the results for yourself in just a few days. Both you AND your "special someone" will thank you for it!...

AlphaViril bottle
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